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Health IT Courses

Health Informatics online courses designed to equip you with the skills necessary to accurately analyze and review healthcare data. For a more productive healthcare future.

Innovation Courses

Build upon your creative and innovative skills. Our courses are designed to equip students with skills in product, service, and business model innovation for the healthcare sector.

Technology Courses

Our technology courses are geared at providing our students with the proper skillset to drive a competitive advantage in the healthcare industry.

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Our Mission and Vision

We aim to impart proper skills through our online courses to polish your resume and help you flourish in the health IT industry. We have made our health informatics online courses accessible to those who don’t have college degrees or those who wish to add on to their bachelor’s. Through our hands-on programs, we allow our students to showcase their capabilities when performing health informatics jobs.

Our major goal is to promote a healthier population through the innovation of health information technology with our health informatics online courses. We aspire to produce health informatics professionals who provide immediate, actionable insights into healthcare.

We want to grow the future leaders of health information management. Since healthcare administration jobs involve interacting and leading teams of IT professionals, coders, doctors, and more, our online courses also seek to produce graduates with great management skills.

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Want to switch to a health IT career? Looking for an online school that can help you pursue your HIT dreams at your own time?

Look no further than HIT Academy. We provide top-notch, accredited online health IT courses to help you pursue a successful career in health informatics.

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For in-person consultations, our Headquarters is in Washington DC. Reach out to us today. We’re ready to answer all your questions and help you start your journey in health information technology.

Kick-Start Your Health IT Career

with Online Courses

Most times when you think about healthcare careers, your mind races to the clinical work— a doctor or nurse treating a patient. Although these thoughts are valid, there’s another part of the healthcare industry that has yet to be explored fully—health informatics.

Also known as health information management, health informatics allows for efficient data collection and analysis in the health sector. These nursing informatics jobs involve working with IT and computing to improve the existing health technology infrastructure. As a health IT professional, you get to work with big data and the latest health information technology to streamline the processes of the industry.

HIT Academy offers online studies to students who want to pursue health IT careers. This is a pathway to pursuing rewarding healthcare administration jobs.