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Many people haven’t joined the LinkedIn platform despite being free. In fact, most still undervalue the importance of a LinkedIn profile. So, they rarely keep their profiles up-to-date and have it halfway done with some missing bits and pieces.

Unfortunately, these people don’t realize that they could be missing plenty of opportunities to finding their dream job. Statistics indicate that around 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to source employees. So, having a LinkedIn profile is vital if you want to land your dream job.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform. With over 500 million members from over 200 countries, LinkedIn connects you to professionals around the globe.

LinkedIn Profile Importance

What are the benefits of having a LinkedIn profile? Below are some of the reasons why a LinkedIn Profile is essential while looking for a Job:

  •  Offers Excellent Networking Opportunities

networking with your linkedin profile

LinkedIn provides a vast and powerful reach that you can take advantage of. It offers job seekers an opportunity to connect with potential employers and other professionals in their industry.

A potential employer will quickly spot your skills and expertise when you connect with them. This increases your chances of getting contacted if a vacancy arises.

And, your connections may refer you to people in the companies you would love to work for. If you’re a good fit and your skills and expertise match what the company wants, then you’ll get the job.

  • Job Recruiters and Employers use LinkedIn to Research Potential Employees.

Finding the right person

When you send a resume to a potential employer, they often look at your LinkedIn profile to learn more about you. Around 87% of recruiters find LinkedIn profiles one of the most effective ways to vet potential candidates during the recruitment process.

Having a well-crafted profile makes you look credible and trustworthy to a potential employer. Such a profile helps validate that you’re a real person, which raises your chances of getting the job.

  • You Become Aware of Job Postings that arise and when they do

linkedin job search

Most companies post any vacancies that arise in their organization on LinkedIn. So, you’ll get to see and learn about the new job opportunities arising when you’re on LinkedIn. Also, you’ll respond to them on time, which improves your likelihood of getting hired.

  • The Profile will Appear in the Recruiter’s Search.

recruiters search

LinkedIn profiles appear on the Google search list. If you’re on LinkedIn, then a recruiter may view your profile and potentially hire you.

You can create and optimize your LinkedIn profile to increase your chances of appearing in the search. Optimizing your profile means using the right keywords that recruiters would often use to search. It’s an easy and quick way to land a dream job with less hassle.

  • Helps you Create Unique Identity

linkedin brand yourself

Another importance of professional LinkedIn profiles is that it’s your personal branding tool. With a LinkedIn profile, your professional identity is revealed. The profile is what potential the hiring managers and clients see when they search your name on Google.

On your profile, you can showcase your skills, expertise, awards, volunteer programs, and projects you’ve accomplished. By sharing these details, a recruiter won’t miss important information they need to know to hire you.

Also, you can use your LinkedIn profile to write and post articles in your field. These articles may trend and allow you to get easily spotted by prospective employers.

  • A LinkedIn Profile Lets you Gain Social Proof for your Talents and Skills.

social proof

LinkedIn lets your contacts give testimonials and endorse you for your qualifications and past work. When others endorse you, anyone visiting your profile can see it. 

Having experts backing up your claims shows that you’re reliable and possess those skills. This boosts your chances of getting a job requiring the skills you have.

  • You can use LinkedIn as a research tool.

research using linkedin profile

A LinkedIn account is an excellent research tool. When you have a profile on the site, you can research recruiters, hiring managers, interviewers, and the companies you want to join. 

The information is helpful before sending a job application. What you discover can help you decide whether the company will be culturally fit for you, and you may as well learn about company employees’ experience with the employer.

Also, you gather all the information you need to know about the company before going for an interview.  This should give you perfect ideas about the company size, scale, and overall organizational ethos.

  • LinkedIn has a Job Board.

screenshot of linkedin jobs board

Most companies and recruiters post job vacancies on the LinkedIn job board. You can apply for the jobs that match your qualifications, as well as save job searches that you want to review later.

Some jobs only require you to submit your LinkedIn profile when applying. With a LinkedIn profile that is up to date and optimized, you can quickly apply for jobs swiftly with just a few clicks. 

  • You can Join LinkedIn Groups.

screenshot of linkedin groups

LinkedIn groups are great avenues to connect with people with similar professional interests. Joining these groups allows you to expand your network of professionals in your industry.

When you join LinkedIn groups, you can start conversations with pivotal people in key organizations, participate in discussions, ask questions and exhibit your knowledge on topics related to your field. This lets you gain powerful exposure and build connections with people that may come in handy when looking for a job.

  • Let’s you Advance your Skillset.

career growth

LinkedIn has a learning portal that offers everyone a chance to advance their knowledge and skills in any field. Though this is only available to those that have subscribed, it’s an excellent tool that you can use to reskill and upskill. With new qualifications showing on your profile, you’ll increase your chances of getting a job.

Key Takeaway

Having a LinkedIn profile helps you a great deal when looking for a job. I believe these tips put into perspective the importance of a LinkedIn profile. If you’re not able, don’t have time, or want a professional to help you create and optimize your LinkedIn profile, HeathITacademy (HIT) LinkedIn profile creation and optimization services can sort you.