The Complete Bootcamp For Healthcare Professionals Bundle Pack


The Complete Bootcamp for Healthcare Professionals eBook was created with healthcare professionals in mind and focuses on SQL and Tableau, which are used by most companies today. It provides the details you need to enter the growing healthcare analytic field. And, it includes knowledge checks, exams, and a end of the course project to add to your resume or portfolio — everything you need to get a job at a healthcare analytics company!

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Dive into the expansive realm of healthcare data analytics with our comprehensive bundle pack! We’ve curated the perfect combination for healthcare professionals who aim to master both data management and visualization. Experience a seamless blend of SQL and Tableau, designed specifically for the challenges and intricacies of the healthcare industry.

eBook #1: SQL Bootcamp for Healthcare Professionals
Grasp the foundational building blocks of SQL in a healthcare-centric approach. This eBook starts by guiding you through setting up PostgreSQL and PgAdmin, two of the world’s most sought-after SQL tools. Perfect for beginners, the course is laid out in a progression, from basic SQL syntax to advanced queries, integrating Python, and more. You’ll find:
– Tailored exercises and tutorials using healthcare data
– Techniques for importing, querying, and analyzing data
– Advanced SQL commands for robust data interactions
– Practical hands-on exercises with real-world database implications

With the ever-growing demand for data analytics in the healthcare sector, our SQL Bootcamp equips you to stay ahead of the curve.

eBook #2: Tableau Bootcamp for Healthcare Professionals
Unveil the power of Tableau in transforming healthcare data into visually appealing insights. This eBook initiates you into the world of Tableau with hands-on experiences right from installation to sophisticated dashboard creation:
– Step-by-step guides on crafting various charts: bar, line, pie, scatter plots, and more
– Comprehensive breakdowns of Tableau features, making complex tasks approachable
– Advanced tableau techniques, from LOD expressions to understanding color vision deficiency
– Real-world healthcare datasets to hone your skills and create a portfolio of compelling visualizations

In an era where visual data representation is paramount, our Tableau Bootcamp provides the knowledge and tools to excel.

With both eBooks at your fingertips, you’ll be equipped to navigate, analyze, and visualize healthcare data like never before. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock the most in-demand skills in healthcare today with “The Complete Bootcamp For Healthcare Professionals Bundle Pack”!

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